We provide advice & implementation for SME's, large enterprises and governments and are certified by the Flemish Government as an official service provider for advice & training (DV.A217584).

KMO Portefeuille

Our direct scope includes everything concerning operations, supply chain, logistics, warehousing, transport & distribution supported with the right tools (ERP, MES, WMS, TMS, BI, ...)

Not in our directe scope: marketing, sales, finance, HR, R&D.

In concrete terms: with a fit of the right people we will make the difference for you:

  • shop floor to strategy;
  • procurement to E-delivery;
  • Excel to ERP;
  • mean to lean.

Together with you we check if we find the desired 'click' between both! Definitely check our references and ask our customers to the added value of our services and tools!